List of MoUs signed

List of MoUs signed

Project 1:Yalong Group,Tiankun Group, andChandra Global Group sign an MOU on establishing a skill training center in Rajasthan.

Project 2:China India Economic and Cultural Center and Wenzhou Zhixin Market Management Co., Ltd. will sign a strategic collaboration for building up an India Cultural Art Museum.

Project 3:Software outsourcing project initiated by Sindoz Information &Technology Co., Ltd. (Wenzhou) and Hangzhou FengJu Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Project 4:CIECC and Wenzhou University will sign an MOU on cultivating entrepreneurships and establishing a talented students’ incubation center.

Project 5 :Footwear industrial park in Haryana (footwear parts & materials trade platform and wholesale mall) initiated by CIECC

Project 6:: India Online wholesale e-commerce trading platform, New Delhi products showroom and India overseas warehouse Initiated by Sindoz Information &Technology Co., Ltd. (Wenzhou)

Project 7:Importing Indian Agricultural products initiated by Zhejiang Original agricultural stock holding company limited

Project 8:India Road Sweeper vehicle assembly line project initiated by Sindoz Resources and Trading Platform Pvt. Ltd. and Wocheng group co., Ltd.

Project 9: Jiangxi Jintai New Energy Co., Ltd., and Jinhui Solar Co., Ltd (India) will jointly establish a solar accessories wholesale platform in India

Project 10 :CIECC and AXIS bank (Shanghai Branch) will sign a strategic cooperation agreement

Wenzhou (Zhejiang) launches the first dedicated center in China to promote investments into India
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