Sino-Indian Cultural Connections Forum

Sino-Indian Cultural Connections Forum (Dec 14, 2014)

Consulate General of India, Shanghai, in association with Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF) & Power Station of Art (PSA) organized "Sino-India Cultural Connections" forum @PSA on December 14th 2014. The forum was a part of 2014 being celebrated as ‘Year of India-China Friendly Exchanges’. The forum sought to investigate roots of Indian cultural vitality with a contemporary perspective and explore opportunities for Sino-India future innovation in cultural arena.

The forum was addressed by Jasminder Kasturia, Director, ICCR, New Delhi; Sun Jianhua, Dy. Director, Ministry of Culture, China; and Gong Yan, Director, Power Station of Arts, Shanghai. Noted personalities from the field of culture in India & China participated in the forum including Prathana Borah, Senior Programme Coordinator of Culture and Sustainability Programme, Centre for Environment Education (CEE); Mihir Bholey, Associate Senior Faculty of Interdisciplinary Design Studies and Coordinator of PG Science and Liberal Arts at National Institute of Design; Wang Xu, Creative Director of wx-design, Professor of Hunan University, Executive Director of OCT Art & Design Gallery; Kirti Trivedi, Founder Director of Asian Design and Art Research Group (ADARG), Former Professor at the Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay; Bivash Mukherjee, Senior Night Desk Editor of Shanghai Daily; Yu Fan Sculptor, Professor and Vice Director of Sculpture Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts; and Cui Qiao President of Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation.

During the forum, China Indian Artists group comprising a group of Indians (mix of professionals and talented hobbyists) residing in Shanghai presented a slice of India's beautiful culture through a song & dance rendition "भारतीय स्वर नृत्य दृष्टिपात" (A glimpse of Indian dance and music). The rendition included facets of classical and contemporary Indian music and dance. The group was led Megh Kalyanasundaram, a singer-composer and a long time Shanghai resident, who performed a medley of popular Chinese and Indian songs on friendship and love. It was followed by a group rendition of Indian songs by Rupali Sharma, Nivedita Aradhey, Gopal Subramanyam & Megh, accompanied on tabla by Mandar Joshi and on "Duff and Manjira" by Francisca Kapoor. The songs were complemented by an energetic and colorful group dance, choreographed by Ms. Bhavisha Kanani and performed by Bhavisha Kanani, Niharika & Mitesh Vadgama & Megh.

ICCR Jasminder Kasturia gave speech

Naveen Srivastava Indian Cosul General gave speech

Prathana Borah, Senior Program Coordinator of CEE

Professor Mihir Bholey

CIAG Performance

Designer Wang Xu

Kirti Trivedi, creator of ADARG

Architect Liu Jiakun

Fashion Designer Wang Yiyang

Yang Jun Creative Director of New Perspective Magazine

«Shanghai Daily»Senior Journalist Bivash Mukherjee

Huang Shan CEO of Art Eye Website

Professor Yu Fan

Members of CIAG performing at the forum

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