India Tourism Promotion Event

India Tourism Promotion Event (Mar 9, 2015)

The Consulate General of India in Shanghai in association with India Tourism office, Beijing and Shanghai Tour Operators Association organized a Tourism Promotion Event on the afternoon of 9th March, 2015 to showcase the many attractions that India has to offer to the Chinese tourists. The event saw participation of more than 50 Chinese tour operators from Shanghai and a number of Indian tour operators.

2. The year 2015 has been declared as "Visit India" year by Prime Minister of India Mr. Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping. The formal launch of the "Visit India" year was done in Beijing on 2nd February, 2015 by Indian Foreign Minister Mrs. Sushma Swaraj and Chinese Vice Premier Mr. Wang Yan. Indian Prime Minister Modi gave a special video message on that occasion. He said that in India we have a tradition of treating guests as messengers of Gods and invited Chinese friends to visit India this year in large numbers.

3. At the Event, detailed presentations were made by Consulate officials and India Tourism office about tourism attractions in India. Films showing the rich diversity and cultural heritage of India were also shown. India is an ancient civilization like China which has a long history and culture, a large geographical expanse from Himalayas in the North to beautiful beaches in the South; from desert in the West to lush green forests teeming with rich wildlife in the East. Just like China, India also offers a wide variety of food and culinary experience. As such India offers a unique holiday and tourist destination for the Chinese tourists.

4. Secretary General of the Shanghai Tour Operators Association in his remarks noted the many tourist attractions of India and stressed that they will work closely with their members and Consulate and India Tourism office to promote more two way tourism flows.

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