Consular Camp held in Keqiao, Shaoxing - more than 100 applications processed

Consular Camp held in Keqiao, Shaoxing - more than 100 applications processed (Mar 7, 2017)

Consulate General of India in Shanghai organized the first consular camp of 2017 at Keqiao, Shaoxing in Zhejiang on 04-05 March 2017. The nearly two day long consular facilitation camp was organized at the request of the 2000 plus strong Indian resident community in Shaoxing. 

2.More than 100 applications that were collected on Day 1 were processed by the evening, and routine services like attestation and NRI certificates were returned on Day 2. The Consular service was rendered over the weekend to suit the convenience of the Indian Nationals resident in Keqiao and was coordinated at their request. 

3.Facilities were also provided to fill in Passport applications at the centre and apply at the same time. During the day long consular camp, several routine consular queries were also answered by the two member Consulate team that visited Shaoxing. 

4.It may be noted that Shaoxing, located in Zhejiang province is host to one of the largest settlements of Indian population in Eastern China with more than 2000 Indian nationals resident on a long term basis. These Indian nationals are mostly engaged in textile trading, as Keqiao continues to be a key textile trading hub in Eastern China. 

5.The Consular Camp held in Keqiao, was organized by the Consulate in partnership with the Indian Representative Associations based out of ​Shaoxing, namely the Indian Community of Keqiao- Shanghai Indian Business Association.


7 March 2017


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