Chaiti Music Festival

Chaiti Music Festival (Jun 14, 2015)

Consulate General of India Shanghai, in association with Chaiti Art Foundation, organized ‘Chaiti music festival’ at Shanghai Centre on June 13 & 14 June, 2015. The music festival featured Pt Sarathi Chatterjee, Pt Rupak Kulkarni , Pt Parimal Chakraborty , Purbayan Chatterjee & Sumit Mishra.

The first day focused on instrumental music featuring FLUTE & SITAR supported by TABLA. Initially, the performance featured solo music by each of these instruments so as to let the audience experience the tonality of each instruments. The performance ended with JUGALBANDI (duet) of FLUTE and SITAR in which both musicians indulged in a playful competition to mesmerize the audience with their creativity.

The second day featured vocal rendition by Pt Sarathi Chatterjee who started with evening melody and concluded with a popular THUMRI. The second half of the program was a fusion session where visiting artists performed fusion music with five popular local Jazz artists viz. Alec Haavik , Gregory Smith , Pan Li , Dai Guo & Fred Grenade. The fusion music session was the high point of the festival & drew a thunderous applause by audience thereby proving that the pure delight of music transcends all boundaries.

Through these renditions, the audience not only got a glimpse of Indian music but also a sense of the beautiful Indian culture. The event was supported by Indian Council for Cultural Relations & CII Shanghai Office.

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