Rajasthani Music at Shanghai International Arts Festival

Rajasthani Music at Shanghai International Arts Festival (Nov 8, 2015)

The Rajasthani folk music collective'Rajasthan Josh' swayed the audience with their soul-stirring music at the outdoor venue of Shanghai City lawn Music Square on November 8. They gave two more performances at the Shanghai Da Tong Middle School on November 9. The performances saw huge crowds who were mesmerized not only by the music but also folk dance traditions of the north western region of India.The use of instruments like the Morchang, Bhapang Khartaal, Double flute, Nagara & Bamboo flute while incorporating vocal styles ranging from traditional music, bhajans & popular folk songs of mystic Sufi Rajasthan left the audience spell bound. The performances were interspersed with captivating dances like the Chari Dance, Kalbelia Snake charmers dance & Terah Taali. A workshop for the group was also organized at Shanghai International Conference Center on November 10. About 700 people from various strata including universities, Shanghai Conservatory of Music, media, private companies, etc. attended the event.


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